Special Needs Ryan Gosling and a call to bloggers

There is an amazing autistic blogger known as E from The Third Glance, if you have not read her wonderful writing, I promise you won’t regret taking the time to do so. Not only do I love her blog but she is generous and thoughtful with her insights in commenting on mine and other blogs. It’s made a difference in my understanding my own son better and I am so grateful to her for that.

Yesterday she alerted a few of us that parents.com is calling for parent stories for autism awareness month in April and then she said the following:

“So here’s where you come in. If you think that this is a neat idea, and want to spread it around to parents you know in the blog-o-sphere (and outside, of course), and encourage a slew of positive stories, please share, disseminate, and encourage it.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if, for once, April was less about the “tragedy of autism” and more about the people themselves? Parents get all the spotlight during the month, so let’s hear some parents’ voices that are kind and hopeful and loving….”

I couldn’t agree more. I will be submitting my post, I hope you will too!

You don’t need to be a blogger, you just have to have a story to share:

Here is the link: http://www.parents.com/blogs/to-the-max/2012/03/15/uncategorized/parents-com-wants-to-hear-your-autism-parenting-stories/

And finally, it wouldn’t be Friday without Sunday Stilwell and Ryan Gosling these days.

Happy Friday!

10 comments on “Special Needs Ryan Gosling and a call to bloggers

  1. Oh Ryan you’re so bad! :)
    That Parents.com idea is fantastic! I have the same thoughts whenever I see all these ‘autism awareness’ stories in April. It can totally suck at times but those are only moments, and they pass quickly.

  2. Thanks for the links to Third Glance and the parent.com request for stories. Great info (and I may try to work on a parents.com entry).
    Love the meme too. so awesome!

  3. Your son loves to clean? Now that is a stim I could use more of around here. My boys prefer jumping and spinning in circles.

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  5. I agree with Sunday. Casey likes making farting noises and crashing into walls.

    But then I would probably be non-compliant if he wanted me to clean with him.

  6. What Lexi and Sunday said. I could use some cleaning–mine likes to spin and flick his fingers till the about fall off. Grass is always greener, eh?

    Love the Ryan!

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